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Please note: all prices listed here are ex vat / alle priser ovenfor er eks. moms


RED Epic-W 8K Kit

3800kr / Day | 17,500kr / Week

This kit includes everything you need to just get going, delivered right to your set in a sturdy Thinktank wheelie suitcase (hand luggage size). 

  • Red Epic-W Helium 8K camera brain

  • DSMC 2 side handle right side

  • GDU side handle left side

  • Red motion Ti mount for Canon EF lenses

  • 7” Red touch screen

  • DSMC2 V-lock expander

  • 1x 1TB Red mini mag

  • 2x 120GB Red mini mags

  • 3x olpf pack

  • 3x Red V-lock batteries + charger

  • Red top handle

  • Wooden Camera screen shade

  • Red Station - USB minimag reader.

RED "All in" Bundle 

5900kr per day | 28,500kr per week

Cover all your options with one simple discount price. 

Bundle includes:

  • RED Epic-W 8K kit

  • 4 Lens bundle

  • Sachtler FSB8 Tripod

  • Ronin MX

  • WC Cruiser Shoulder Rig

  • WC Follow Focus

  • Røde NTG4+ Microphone

GoPro 7 Black

220kr / day | 1100kr / week

Hypersmooth action video up to 4K

Waterproof to 10m

Slow motion: 60fps @4K, 120fps @2.7K, 240fps @ 1080p


Kit includes

1x Battery 

1x Simple mount

1x Chest mount 

1x Hand grip 


Many other mounts available on request.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro 

500kr / day | 300kr / half day

Aerial photo at 20 megapixels, Video up to 4K resolution

Flight time 31 minutes per battery

Max speed 72kmph 

Super stable aerial timelapses in hyperlapse mode

HDR foto, panorama, subject tracking, object avoidance. 

Slow motion video: 30fps @4K, 60fps @2.7K, 120fps @ FHD

Kit includes

2x Battery 

1x Smart controller

1x 64gb memory card

*compatible with optional extra DJI Goggles for use by director / d.o.p. see below

** Drone rental strictly subject to use of our licensed drone pilot Rory Sagstad.  Rory is a certified RO3 operator approved by the Norwegian Luftfartstilsynet. See below. 

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual

650kr / day | 350kr / half day

Thermal photo at 20 megapixels, Thermal Video up to 640x360 @ 8.7fps

Visible photo up to 4056 x 3040, visual video up to 4k @ 30fps. 

Kit includes

2x Battery 

1x Smart controller

1x 64gb memory card

1x Spotlight

*compatible with optional extra DJI Goggles for use by customer see below

** Drone rental strictly subject to use of our licensed drone pilot Rory Sagstad.  Rory is a certified RO3 operator approved by the Norwegian Luftfartstilsynet. See below. 


Blackmagic ATEM Mini

320kr / day | 1440kr / week

Lag profesjonelle kvalitetsprogrammer og strøm dem live!

Eller la Rory Sagstad overta det tekniske til din live-produksjon for deg. 

Prisen gjelder kun selve videomixer. Om det er behov for kabel pakke, så er det et tillegg i pris i 60kr per dag. Vår HDMI kabler er i 10m lengde, og vi har adapter til HDMI Mini eller micro. For lyd har vi 3.5mm-XLR og male-male 3.5mm. om det er noe annet du har behov for, bare si ifra.

ATEM Mini er verdens første live-produksjonspanel/switcher som gjør det mulig for alle å lage og strømme broadcast multikamera-programmer! ATEM Mini er utstyrt med high-end kringkastingsteknologi, og har 4 HDMI-innganger for tilkobling av kameraer, datamaskiner og spillkonsoller, to mikrofoninnganger og en HDMI-utgang for overvåking og opptak.

Du får også en USB-utgang for tilkobling til en datamaskin, slik at du kan streame hele 1080 HD live online! Det intuitive kontrollpanelet er designet for hastighet og enkelhet. Det betyr at du kan bruke den selv, uten behov for et stort dedikert videoklipp! Du får også innebygde digitale videoeffekter, overganger og keyers for å fjerne bakgrunn eller legge til din egen tilpassede grafikk! Det er perfekt for alle som ønsker å lage sine egne profesjonelle programmer og legge dem ut på nettet!

Se mer her: https://youtu.be/5W5xiaEhK9M


Four Lens Bundle

1000kr / day | 5000kr / week

Cover all your angles with this discount bundle.

Kit includes:


Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L IS ii USM

Canon 24-105mm f4 L IS 

Canon 70-200mm 2.8 L IS USM

Sigma 10-20mm f4  

Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM

350kr / day | 1750kr / week

The EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM from Canon is a workhorse wide-angle zoom and member of the well-regarded L-series of lenses.

Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

350kr / day | 1750kr / week

A versatile one-lens solution for many shooting situations, the EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens is a Canon L-series zoom spanning a useful wide-angle to short-telephoto range and featuring a constant f/4 maximum aperture.

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM

350kr / day | 1750kr / week

A workhorse of a lens, the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM is an L-series telephoto zoom characterized by its bright f/2.8 constant maximum aperture and optical image stabilization. The fast maximum aperture affords greater control over depth of field and benefits working in low-light conditions while the Image Stabilizer compensates for four stops of camera shake for sharper handheld shooting. As an L-series lens, this 70-200mm also features a sophisticated optical design that uses five ultra-low dispersion elements and one fluorite element to reduce color fringing and chromatic aberrations for improved clarity.

Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 DC HSM 

200kr / day | 1000kr / week

Covering the wide to ultra-wide range, this EF-mount 10-20mm f/4-5.6 DC HSM from Sigma is a versatile zoom well-suited to allow flexibility when shooting landscape, architectural, and interior photographs or video. The lens's optical design incorporates a series of low dispersion and aspherical elements, which help to reduce chromatic and spherical aberrations throughout the zoom range, as well as contribute to improved sharpness and clarity.

Please note, this lens only covers the full Helium sensor at 8K from 11mm. 


Wooden Camera Cruiser Shoulder Rig

200kr / day | 1000kr / week

Add that third point of contact to reduce shake in your shots as well as that fatigue in your arms. 


Kit includes:

Cruiser shoulder rig

Ultra arm grip with male 1/4 20 connection

Male to female pogo cable for Red LCD 

Unified bridgeplate 19mm (15mm adaptor available on request) 

Sachtler Carbon Tripod

700kr / day | 3500kr / week

Lightweight, sturdy tripod with FSB6 Head suitable for light to mid-weight camera rigs.

Variable drag settings to ensure butter smooth panning and tilting. 


Suitable for camera builds up to 9kg​

Speed lock legs (only 1 clip for each leg) 

Mid level spreader

Removable rubber feet or snow spikes.

Delivered in carry bag for worry free transport. 

Syrp Carbon Fibre Slider Kit

700kr / day | 3500kr / week

A portable solution for those perfectly smooth dolly shots or even automated camera moves. Connect with the app on your phone to programme your shot. This kit is both lightweight and compact, so can be taken just about anywhere. Syrp's intuitive design takes under 5 minutes to setup. 

Kit includes:

Magic carpet Carbon fibre 60 cm

2x 60cm extension track - allows total track length 180cm

Genie 2 linear motor

2x Genie Mini pan / tilt motor

L-Bracket for pan / tilt

2x USB Charger 

60cm carry bag for track

Manfrotto MVH500AH flatbase video head with arm

DJI Ronin MX

750kr / day | 3750kr / week


This setup includes adaptors to power a Red DSMC2 camera direct from the gimbal, eliminating crucial weight. This lighter rig helps get butter smooth shots without wrecking your muscles. The ring grip and feet allow the operator to rest the Ronin safely between shots without damaging the rig or camera, no matter what terrain they are in. 

Kit includes: 

3x Ronin MX battery

Remote control for second operator

Thumb control

Square "ring" grip with feet

Power distributor plate & cable for Red cameras 

Cage extensions for Red DSMC2

DJI Couterweight kit 


**2 additional, larger batteries available, see separate listing. 

DJI Ronin M

500kr / day | 2500kr / week

Ronin M gimbal for simple steady shots using DSLR sized cameras. Start shooting stabilized video in under 5 minutes. Assemble, mount your camera, quickly balance it, and then let the software fine tune the precise balance with a tap of a single button. 


Kit Includes: 

Thumb controller

Remote controller for second operator

2x Batteries (3400mAh)

1x Charger



**an optional 3 additional 1580mAh batteries are also avaialble, see separate item 

DJI Ronin M / MX Batteries

100kr / day | 500kr / week

Additional batteries allow for longer shoots where power is not available locally for recharging through your day. 


Ronin M batteries are slightly squarer and larger, but are 3400mAh (2 available) 

Ronin MX batteries are slimmer and rounder, and are 1580mAh (3 available) 


Price is per battery, subject to availability. 

Pack includes the appropriate charger(s). 


Røde NTG4+ Shotgun Microphone

150kr / day | 750kr / week

Broadcast sound quality shotgun mic with built in battery for 150hrs of recording.

Fully charged in under two hours via microUSB cable. 


The NTG4+ features an all-new condenser capsule with low noise, high sensitivity and the convenience of on-board equalisation/level control via digital switching.


Kit includes 

Mic clip for easy mounting onto a pole or camera

1/4-20 mount and 3/8-16 thread converter

Foam windshield 

Furry Windshield 

USB cable

Røde SmartLav+ Mic

60kr / day | 300kr / week

Sometimes weight and simplicity are the priority. 

Connect this Røde Lavalier mic to the headphone jack on any phone or audio recorder and hit record. 

Optional use of the Røde Reporter App allows for extra controls, or simply use with the voice memo app built into most smart phones. 

Zoom F1-LP Sound Recorder & Lavalier Mic

150kr / day | 700kr / week

A straight forward, compact audio recorder with lapel lavalier mic.

Designed for hassle free voice recording even at distance or in noisy environments. 


Kit includes: 

F1 Sound recorder

Lavalier Mic

16GB MicroSD card

SM-F1 Shock mount with cold shoe fitting

1/4 20" to female cold shoe mount


Wooden Camera Follow Focus

150kr / day | 700kr / week

Simplify life on set, and get your shots sharp, even on the fly.

Make tool-less adjustments for various lens heights.

Options for two adjustable pull stop markers, or simply mark the wipe-clean marking ring. 


Wooden Camera Zip Follow Focus 19mm (15mm adaptor available) 

3x Univeral lens gear belt

2x 19mm 6" Aluminium rods

DJI Goggles

180kr / day | 900kr / week

DJI drone goggles for improved precision when filming with the with Mavic Pro.


6 hour battery life

Also compatible with DJI Phantom / Inspire / all Mavics / Spark


Datacolor SpyderCHECKR 24

50kr / day | 250kr / week

Colour calibration card for colour and white balance refrencing. 

Used in conjunction with Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, or Hassleblad Phocus, this is a quick and reliable way to streamline your colour correction workflow. 


ThinkTank Roller Suitcase

120kr / day | 600kr / week


The Airport International v2.0 is an airline-approved-size hand luggage roller case. Customisable velcro dividers fit for example: 1 Red Epic-W, 3 lenses, 3 v-lock batteries, 7" Red LCD, Handles, 13" laptop. Keep all of your crucial, delicate gear with you when you travel, so you know exactly how well it is being cared for. 


F-Stop Tilopa Rucksack

120kr / day | 600kr / week

Tilopa Rucksack gives you a huge 50L of carrying space, divided to systematically organise your avalanche safety equipment, lunch, laptop, and all your small accessories. 

Available to rent with your choice of either Medium or X-Large ICU internal camera padding units. 

Camera Operator

3500kr / day | 17,500kr / week

Let someone who is intimately familiar with our equipment do the shooting for you. 

Nordisk Kamera's co-owner Rory Sagstad is a certified RED and Steadicam operator, as well as being both physically fit and a very capable photographer. Rory brings lots of energy to any film set whether in the city, on snowy mountains, or in rolling seas. 

Drone Pilot

4000kr / day | 2500kr / half day

Rory Sagstad is a certified professional RO1 / RO2 / RO3 RPAS operator for Norway and has been filming with drones since 2015. 

Rory is primarily available for aerial film / video work and photography. 


Since drones are able to get high-quality images of those hard-to-reach places, Rory is also able to use our DJI Mavic Enterprise to deliver imagery for commercial needs: aerial 3D mapping, photogrammetry, surveying, thermal imagery, site inspection (power lines, cell towers, bridges) and even livestock search and recovery. 


Editing / Post production

450kr / hour | 3,500kr / day


We are here to help - no matter how short or long your editing requirements may be. 

We love to edit, colour correct, subtitle, and polish audio. 

Just let us know your requirements and time constraints, and we can tailor an estimate to your needs.  

For examples of some previous work, check out www.rorysagstad.no