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We just love to shoot video of what gets us fired up. Honestly, we've each been documenting every kicker line, powder wipeout, every surf session, every ocean crossing, and every Lego build since before we even left primary school. With that has come a succession of cameras we can't resist adding into the mix. From our parents' camcorders to the early helmet rigs that needed backpacks to carry the batteries, to those mindblowing first video-DSLRs to drones and now dedicated cinema brains, we've been stoked working with them all. 


What has never changed is the reward of watching other people get stoked/scared/laugh when they see our edits makes all the hard work, cold fingers, and meticulous planning worth it. The audiences may have grown, but whether it's just a couple of siblings laughing along or whole festivals whooping with delight, that warm pride inside remains the same - 'we made them feel something'. 


We do the leg work for you.

We can bring the kit you have booked to your location. We let you try the gear ahead of schedule .

All you need to do is hit record


We know from painful experience that renting cameras can be a real headache,  and so instead of more moaning, we've set out to be the friendly solution to that problem.

What most viewers don't realise is how often unnecessary technical frustrations make film production feel like a frustrating uphill battle.

The gear we rent out is all equipment that we personally shoot with on a regular basis, so we can be sure that it's in good order and can be relied upon. 

We are happy to deliver and collect all rental gear to and from your shooting location in and around Bergen, so that there's one less task for you to do on a busy day of shooting and so there's a chance to get to know and trust our customers and hear what they're shooting. 


We're a family run operation that will always listen carefully to your needs, and will do everything in our power to make your shoot run smoothly.

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