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Camera / Livestream Operator

7000kr / day | 35000kr / week

Let someone who is intimately familiar with our equipment do the shooting for you. 

Nordisk Kamera's co-owner Rory Sagstad is a certified RED and Steadicam operator, as well as being both physically fit and a very capable photographer. Rory brings lots of energy to any film set whether in the city, on snowy mountains, or in rolling seas.


Rory has recently run our clients' livestream events for both standard livestreams to youtube and facebook, as well as two-way livestreams using zoom. 

Drone Pilot

8200kr / day 

Rory Sagstad is a certified professional RO3 RPAS operator for Norway and has been filming with drones since 2015. RO3 is the highest license for Norwegian drone pilots, until the name changes on January 1st 2022. 

Rory is primarily available for aerial film / video work and photography. 

Editing / Post production

6000kr / day 


We are here to help - no matter how short or long your editing requirements may be. 

We love to edit, colour correct, subtitle, and polish audio. 

Just let us know your requirements and time constraints, and we can tailor an estimate to your needs.  

For examples of some previous work, check out 

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