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RED Epic-W 8K Kit 

3,500kr / Day | 17,500 kr / Week

This kit includes everything you need to just get going, delivered right to your set in a sturdy Thinktank wheelie suitcase (hand luggage size). 

  • Red Epic-W Helium 8K camera brain

  • DSMC 2 side handle right side

  • GDU side handle left side

  • Red motion Ti mount for Canon EF lenses

  • 7” Red touch screen

  • DSMC2 V-lock expander

  • 1x 1TB Red mini mag

  • 2x 120GB Red mini mags

  • 3x olpf pack

  • 3x Red V-lock batteries + charger

  • Red top handle

  • Wooden Camera screen shade

  • Red Station - USB minimag reader.



Shooting In 8K for 4K deliverables allows you the power to reframe, stabilize, zoom in post, or shoot for multiple aspect ratios at the same time. 

Shooting in higher resolutions affords your editor to crop several different frames from a single take without sacrificing resolution.


Whether that allows you to cut a 9:16 version for social media from your original widescreen frame, or to use one camera to get two angles during a two-shot interview, having 8k at your disposal will save you time and money both during and after your shoot.

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